My name is Mikolaj Klimek, and I’m an actor.
I graduated from Państwowa Wyższa Szkola Teatralna im. Ludwika Solskiego w Krakowie (Cracow Theatre University, www.pwst.krakow.pl) in 1997. Among the alumni of this prestigious school you can find the most famous Polish artist like Jerzy Grotowski, Wojciech Pszoniak, Jerzy Stuhr, and others.

During my study I have played in Teatr Stary w Krakowie (The Old Theatre in Cracow) and Teatr Polski w Szczecinie (The Polish Theatre in Szczecin). For the next 10 years I was employed in Teatr Narodowy w Warszawie (The National Theater in Warsaw) where I was acting in dramas written by Shakespeare, Gombrowicz, Slowacki, among others. There I worked with the best Polish directors and actors.

I have played in multiple Polish productions, films and T.V. series.
The detailed information about my career is available under the tab “kariera”. I am able to deliver my showreel via e-mail at your request. You can also find it on You Tube under „Mikolaj Klimek demo aktorskie”.

I have also dubbed movies. I took part in many famous films and cartoons, such as: Bee Movie, Open Season Part II, “Pokemon” and The Simpsons – the T.V. series, where I dubbed Homer and Mr. Burns.
I have been doing voice-overs since 1992. I have read the advertisement for Polish televisions and radio stations. My demo is available under the tab “reklama” or at the bottom of this page.

I have just finished The Warsaw School of Photography.
I can communicate in English and Russian.
I know basic German.

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